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Idea, request, offer and joint activity - for this purpose this website was created. You will be able to find people, interesting to you. Just write your requests, idea or offer, and other people can find your request and send responce. Create you requests or reply requests from other users. Communicate with interesting people via private messages.

In addition we have blog system, and some separate functions for create hidden notes, our tags can help you find what your need, and of course you can use search by phrase or keywords in all sections.

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Project news
2020 update
Increased performance, flexibility, blogs design was updated, improved display on mobile devices.
5/17/2020 6:00:39 PM

Large scale update
Updated and added many features, significantly redesigned engine, user interface and design. Most changes have affected blogs and account management system. The site architecture has become more modular, which will allow adding new functionality much faster. The blog commenting system has been changed to a more convenient one, the stability and security of the system has been improved.
5/31/2019 8:32:58 PM

Change in localization
The localization system has been changed and it is now possible to give a direct link to a page in a certain language. For example, the address of the official blog of the project: or depending on the language.
10/27/2018 12:17:02 PM